Max In The City



Berlin ist the place to be for gays looking for fun and sex. Even Max in Spain has heard about it. He leaves his home island Grand Canary to get his ass polished a bit in Berlin. Not even five minutes in town, he meets the first sexy punk, who is most willing to give him the fuck of his life. Easily he finds a job in a bar and a place to stay with Jessica, who even has the most cutest boyfriend imaginable. Soon they both fall for each other. While walking Jessica’s dog he encounters three lovely tourists whom he can show Berlin from the deepest side. So Max can really enjoy Berlin and his lustful desires.

Eliot and Phillippe
26.02.2015 10 minutes

Dirty porno pig Phillipe Delvaux doesn't have to ask weapon sucker a second time, because his throbbing weapon is just too tasty for words... <br>Read more

Max and the City Ruben Fux and Marcel
12.05.2011 10 minutes

Ruben actually only wanted to have a peek in the fridge, instead Marcel feeds him with his horny piece of meat before Ruben knows what's... <br>Read more

Max and the City Ruben Fux, Tony Maya, Marco di Lucca and Eliot Corrigan
16.09.2010 14 minutes

Ruben, Tony and Marco only every think about one thing - Fucking. That's cool, but things only start to get really horny when the Porno bag... <br>Read more

Max and the City Eliot Corrigan and Marcel Schlutt
01.03.2012 11 minutes

Naked man in the shower - Not only is it great to watch, but a bloke like that is so suckable. Eliot, the porno tourist has just stumbled into... <br>Read more

Max and the City Eliot Corrigan and Ben Armstrong
17.06.2010 11 minutes

An outside orgy: Just arrived in Berlin, Eliot from Spain is dunking his big dick into the ass of skin guy Ben. Ben willingly submits his big... <br>Read more