Fuck the cunts! Wide open and willing arses waiting to get ridden. The studs enter the seeding room and are masked and not allowed to see the Stallions. The stallions eagerly await the studs, their hard cocks pulsating with anticipation. When's opening time? The starting shot is fired and the well hung studs rush into the hall. Who's going to find the juciest arse? Those of the studs with thicker cocks, take their time and wait until the stallions have been well worn in, so that they can easily sink their tools into the pouting arses. Stallions are not allowed to refuse the studs. But big sometimes really does mean big ))-: One after the other he rides all juicy holes, until they whimper. A hot and horny seeding orgy... be there!

10.09.2015 11 minutes

Let's keep on with the orgy show: The hooded mares are fucked hard. They don't see the fuckers, they can only feel the dicks. They... <br>Read more

Fickstutenmarkt - Horse Fair - Deep Throat
03.05.2012 13 minutes

Today at the horse fair: oral fuck emergency. Not only all asses will be pumped but with passion and never ending energy all yaps are filled... <br>Read more

Fickstutenmarkt 5
14.10.2010 10 minutes

Berlin is always a fucking trip. Juicy assholes wait to be pumped. At the horse market every and all holes will be filled up. Defenceless mares... <br>Read more

Fickstutenmarkt Filthy Gangbang Orgy
02.05.2013 11 minutes

A dream comes through for our submissive client: To be fucked and taken by a horde of hunky guys. Here you will see it in real: Massive porn... <br>Read more

Fickstutenmarkt - Get The Arse Rat
20.05.2010 9 minutes

Another funny episode of our most popular fucking series: „Opening Asses“. This episode offers gigantic cocks by our fucking stars. Fucking till... <br>Read more